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Feature  |  Sports Sci-Fi  |  107 pages

An impoverished runner fights to make the Olympics
in a bleak future where the upper class has brain implants
that improve physical performance.


Feature  |  Horror  |  111 pages

A young Polish family struggles to escape a refugee camp
in the 80s. The demons of their past (and of Slavic folklore)
have followed them there — and blackmail, corruption, and
an unlikely obsession bar their hopes of freedom in a new
country. To leave, mother, father, and daughter alike will have
to realize the true cost of trying to help the ones you love.


Feature  |  Western  |  94 pages

A black cowboy strikes it lucky when he discovers a
mystical cavern that duplicates anything that enters
it. But when his good fortune captures the attention
of jealous miners in pre-Gold Rush California, a
brutal police force is formed to hunt him down.

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